March 27, 2019

Uncovering Your Worthiness

Here is a test to see if you are worthy. Just check the box that applies to you. Do you exist? Ο  Yes Ο  No Did you check YES? Then you are worthy. No matter where you fall on the spirituality spectrum, from devotee of a religion to agnostic, you are not an accident and […]

How to Ditch Emotional Baggage Once and For All Part II

If you know, or suspect, that emotional baggage is weighing you down and keeping you from living fully, but somehow that suitcase full of nasty stuff keeps surfacing in your life, today’s blog will give you some guidelines about how to release it. For a recap of what emotional baggage is and how it goes […]

Start with Loving You: New Year’s Love Intentions

When you are born, you learn to love yourself in the mirror of mother. She loves you, you love her. The love reflects, one to the other. For a brief time, you and she are as one. In other words, the love that flows back and forth so effortlessly is indistinguishable from self-love, simply because […]

Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence PART I – How to Improve Self-esteem

A dynamic, brilliant musician or actor exudes self-confidence on stage. A supremely gifted athlete seems innately imbued with confidence. And then we see one of these icons of self-assurance in the tabloids – in an abusive relationship or struggling with addiction. Does this seem paradoxical? Isn’t self-confidence the same thing as self-esteem… so how could […]