August 23, 2019

Betty’s Practical Guide to Moving in Together

I have moving on-the-brain this week (since I’m moving into a new house myself) so wanted to write about the practical issues around moving in with your partner. For insights about how to arrive at this important decision (or not), and an overview of some of the issues involved, you can revisit some of my […]

Wouldn’t it Be Nice to Live Together? Considering Cohabitation (Part 1)

People in love often, though not always, dream about moving in together at some point. Now that there’s no more social stigma about cohabiting, it’s much easier to go for it. Still, it’s not a simple decision to make. When my client Karen had been dating Jared for almost a year, she called me for […]

Bon Voyage! Taking Your First Trip Together

It’s summertime. For many, thoughts turn to vacation time, and ways to enjoy the good weather and long hours of daylight. If you’ve been dating awhile but have not taken a trip together, maybe it’s time to explore some new destinations as a couple. Planning and embarking on a vacation together is exciting. Don’t let […]