January 21, 2019

From Friend to Lover—A Great Path to Successful Romance

Rebecca knew when she first met Todd that she was attracted to him, but she tucked that away because he was unavailable. They worked together nights at a high-end restaurant in St. Augustine, FL, and became good friends. They could make each other laugh, and the banter helped slow nights go faster. They had long […]

Falling in the Fall—The Joys of Autumn Romance

There is a reason I do not live at the equator. As much as a balmy climate has its perks, I am a sucker for the changing of the seasons. There is something truly magical about fall. The air has a crisp tang to it. The sky seems bluer. The smell of changing leaves and […]

Romance—It’s Alive and Well and Ready for Action

What does romance mean? No matter how many dictionaries you consult, you’ll get a lot of different definitions. But essentially, romance relates to the feelings of pleasure and comfort, or even mystery and longing, that are associated with a person you love and are in a relationship with. Romance, for our purposes, relates to the […]

Places to Propose: Thinking Outside the Box

There are proposals… and there are proposals. Some show little effort and less thought (a Facebook status proposal comes to mind) and others are so flashy as to be more about the proposer than the proposee (like the ones at the ballpark on the Jumbo Tron™). Whereas there is no right or wrong way to […]

The Art of Being in Sync

Synchronicity. When two things—or in our case, people—work in perfect rhythm with each other. When you are synced with your partner you are fully present with that person – mind, body, spirit. ✓  You can walk side by side—somehow your footsteps match up… even though he’s 5 inches taller. ✓  You can finish each other’s […]