May 23, 2019

Dating, Sex, and How to Say No

When it comes to reasons people give for why they had sex early in a relationship even though they did not want to, I’ve heard things like the following way too many times: > “I didn’t want him to stop liking me.”> “I figured she’d think something was wrong with me.”> “I thought we were […]

Choose Your Thoughts—and Kick Self-Sabotaging Behaviors to the Curb

William James, American philosopher and the father of American psychology, once wrote: “The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.” It is no longer a mystery that thought has creative power. Not just in its ability to generate great ideas, but as a manifester of belief, action, truth…in a […]

What Are You Afraid Of?—Debunking the Top 5 Dating Myths

The stories people tell each other, and themselves, have always had great power. Throughout history, the myths and legends passed down through generations have guided the behaviors and thoughts of countless people. Our cultural myths are how we learn right from wrong. They teach us how to operate, what to think, hope for, imagine, and […]

The Art of Re-framing Your Beliefs

On paper, Naomi had a lot going for her. Smart and well-educated, a college professor, Naomi has a quick wit. She made me laugh the first time we met. She is tall and athletic, attractive and, when she wants to be, quite stylish. Her best friend talked her into hiring me as a dating coach. […]