February 20, 2019

Set Your Dating GPS

You have two weeks for the ultimate road trip. You know you want to end up in Santa Barbara, visiting your old college friend and soaking in the Southern California groove. You are starting from San Francisco, with a rental car, a cooler full of iced tea, Fig Newtons, and grapes, and a GPS. You’ve […]

The Golden Rule of Self-Love—Do For Yourself as You’d Do for Your Pet

It shocks me that a quick Google search of “self-love” synonyms yields only negative results. Pomposity. Conceitedness. Vanity. Even narcissism. These terms actually mean the opposite of self-love and reflect an absence of true regard for self. It is a sad state of affairs when so many of us of the human persuasion lack the […]

This Isn’t a Competition: How to Stop Keeping Score in Relationships

Mort was a scorekeeper. He kept track of the things, little and big, that he did for his wife, Andrea. He noticed if she did not notice when he did something wonderful, and he was painfully aware if she did or did not do something nice for him. He would adjust his actions towards her […]

6 Steps to Escape Relationship Déjà vu

Is there something eerily familiar about your current relationship? Do you have that funny feeling “I’ve been here before….” “Déjà vu all over again,” as the saying goes. If you are headed down a familiar road, trapped in the well-worn ruts created by your last (several) relationships, what makes you think that this time the […]