August 23, 2019

6 Great Reasons to Date a Health Enthusiast

Most of us have personal health goals. Some of us have an easier time reaching those goals than others. Does it matter who you partner with when it comes to health? Well, actually…it can. Mary, an alternative health practitioner who was successfully treating her own auto-immune disease with nutrition, fell in love with, and married, […]

Having it All—the Career-Relationship Balancing Act

One night Jean got home from work after a late meeting. It was 7:30 and she assumed the kids would be fed, bathed, and that her eldest would have his homework done. She’d grabbed a sandwich at the local bodega and was looking forward to sitting down to eat it after reading a story to […]

Relationship with a Narcissist? Shut it Down (Here’s Why)

My client, Jacqueline, had a sad story to tell me when we first met. She had been in a relationship with—she was firm on this point—the love of her life, when suddenly she was tossed aside. Her devastation was complete and the trauma tapped into her primal abandonment wound. As we talked, over the next […]

Being in the Flow Part II — How it Creates Relationship Flow

Last week I wrote about being in the flow. Think about the Buddha’s river that I mentioned in that blog. If being in the flow is allowing the current of that river to take us, then imagine if our loved ones were with us in that peaceful river? You and I cannot push our partners […]

Falling in the Fall—The Joys of Autumn Romance

There is a reason I do not live at the equator. As much as a balmy climate has its perks, I am a sucker for the changing of the seasons. There is something truly magical about fall. The air has a crisp tang to it. The sky seems bluer. The smell of changing leaves and […]

What Now? How to Process Being Cheated On

The period after all the wondering, the realizations, the “conversation” is just as important as all the angsty mess that led up to it. In fact it is even more important. What happens next is all about your being okay. And maybe healing your relationship. This blog is the final installment in the four part […]

Is Your Partner Cheating? — How to Have that Conversation

Over the past two weeks, we’ve covered the signs of cheating and the reasons some people cheat. Now you are at the point that you are pretty darned sure your partner is having an affair. This is difficult to wrap your brain around. Until people experience it, few can understand how painful it is to […]

Is Your Partner Cheating? 5 Ways You Can Tell

Norman knew his wife was not happy. They were in counseling, but he was worried that it was already too late. One day, a thought took root in his mind and he could not shake it: “She’s having an affair.” He started to look for specific proof but it was hard to pin down. But […]