December 14, 2018

Reset Your Dating Mojo in 10 Easy Steps

Feeling frustrated with dating? Are you bored, and see dating more as “rigmarole” than tons of fun? If you are disenchanted with the process of dating—it’s time to recalibrate your mojo. Don’t be like Ava, a client of mine who got “date rage” whenever things went “too slow” for her. Remember dating is a p […]

The Writing on the Wall—What People’s Online Dating Profiles Can Tell You

By the time Laila came to me she’d had an online profile for only two weeks, and she was already burned out. The first guy she met on the site requested regular IM chat dates starting right away, told her his life story without asking her about herself, and, during their second chat meeting, demanded […]

Write What You Want — Online Dating Profiles and the Relationship Checklist

A colleague recently mentioned his experience with online dating checklists—you know, where you have to convey your dating requirements or “must haves.” We agreed that some of the lists people are making on dating sites are—pardon me—ridiculous. Mostly because they are naïve, careless, or shallow. We’ve seen it all, from blatant stereotypes—such as blanket claims […]

The Art of Re-framing Your Beliefs

On paper, Naomi had a lot going for her. Smart and well-educated, a college professor, Naomi has a quick wit. She made me laugh the first time we met. She is tall and athletic, attractive and, when she wants to be, quite stylish. Her best friend talked her into hiring me as a dating coach. […]

The Dating Menu: Online, Matchmaking or the Old-fashioned Way?

There are many people out there in the world who are smart, interesting, put-together, single and available for a relationship. They know what they want and need in a relationship and have confidence and self-awareness. And yet they are single. Maybe you are one of these people. Their friends can’t figure out why. Heck, they […]

Over 50 Dating – is Playing the Field for You?

If you are over 50 and dating again, chances are you are discovering a whole new world. It can be overwhelming. Who should I date? Where do I find someone who interests me? How do I make the connection I want and find something meaningful? When is it appropriate to become intimate? To raise your […]