June 16, 2019

Priority or Option? What’s Your Relationship Rank?

Diana had been dating Axel for several months, but she still did not really feel very secure about where she stood in the relationship. Axel rarely answered texts, and never picked up the phone when Diana called. He’d text her, though, when he was ready to get together, often at the very last minute. And […]

Can long distance relationships last?

Long-distance relationships have been around for a long time.  At one time in history separation by ten miles would constitute a long-distance relationship and contact would be done via handwritten letters.  Much of the courtship between poets Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Robert Browning was conducted via love letters, which are wonderful to read!  They fell […]

Which On-line Dating Service is Right for You?

As you embark on the joyful and optimistic journey towards dating, romance and maybe even true love, you have a lot of decisions to make. There’s a certain amount of work to be done before you find yourself getting spiffed up for that first date. It’s funny, but also true about so many glorious things […]

Marketing You: How to Write a Great Dating Profile

Whether you love to write and do it all the time, or avoid it like it had germs all over it, writing about yourself is the hardest of all. But there is no avoiding the profile if you are going to try on-line dating. Let’s try to break the process down so it is not […]