September 22, 2019

Being Alone vs Being Lonely: The Nuance of Solitude (Part I)

Jennifer’s divorce hadn’t been final for more than a month when she called me up asking about matchmaking services. As we talked, I soon understood what was going on—a common story. She finally admitted:  “I’m lonely, I want someone to fill the void David left behind.” When I heard that I knew it was a […]

So, Why Are You Still Single?

A loaded question with a number of equally loaded answers. First of all, are you single and loving it, or single and searching? To help navigate the endless nosy versions of the question, “So, why are you still single?” you need to decide into which camp you fall. But more about that later. Congratulations, first […]

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match

In virtually every culture throughout history, the matchmaker has played an important role. Hindu astrologers and the Ashkenazi shadchan advised families seeking the perfect spouse for their child. And in countries where arranged marriages were not the rule, untold numbers of matchmakers have helped bring generations of people together in relationship. Matchmaking is a time […]

The Dating Menu: Online, Matchmaking or the Old-fashioned Way?

There are many people out there in the world who are smart, interesting, put-together, single and available for a relationship. They know what they want and need in a relationship and have confidence and self-awareness. And yet they are single. Maybe you are one of these people. Their friends can’t figure out why. Heck, they […]