October 21, 2018

To Ex or not to Ex? Is it a Good Idea to Try Again?

♥  Veronica had recently split from her husband when a blast from the past knocked her for a loop. A guy she’d once been head over heels in love with reappeared in her life via Facebook…and he wanted to connect. Friendly-like. Last time, Vincent had left her rather suddenly and unkindly, despite what Veronica thought […]

Married at First Sight—What’s the Takeaway?

People like you and me, who live in the Western world where arranged marriages faded into nonexistence long ago, often have a bit of a fascination with the concept. Given all the time, stress, energy, and expense we go through to meet someone, date, break up, start over, all in an effort to find “the […]

Wouldn’t it Be Nice to Live Together? Considering Cohabitation (Part 1)

People in love often, though not always, dream about moving in together at some point. Now that there’s no more social stigma about cohabiting, it’s much easier to go for it. Still, it’s not a simple decision to make. When my client Karen had been dating Jared for almost a year, she called me for […]