May 26, 2019

Too Good to be True: Some Facts about Narcissistic Personality Disorder

You may be hearing the word “narcissist” more and more these days. When words seem to burst onto the scene you may be worried that it’s just “buzz”—the latest fad, catch-word or culturally “chic” concept. But in fact, there is some serious speculation that narcissism is, in fact, on the rise. While that might be […]

Honestly? Telling Lies Hurts (Everybody)

People lie constantly.  Especially if you include in your tally the most common lie of all:  “I’m fine.”  As much of a social lubricant as this lie is, it represents an essential fact.  People don’t want to reveal… too much. We learn to lie in childhood.  Saying “sorry” when we are not, saying what others […]