January 21, 2019

From Cat Lady to Dog Dude: 5 Great Reasons to Date a Pet Owner

This week’s blog is from guest blogger, Vanessa Park, a brilliant writer and editor with her own business, VKP Editing. She has clients all over the country for whom she ghost writes, edits, and consults. Vanessa also writes her own personal blog, Spiralwoman.com. About 60 billion dollars is spent by pet owners on their pets each year. […]

From Friend to Lover—A Great Path to Successful Romance

Rebecca knew when she first met Todd that she was attracted to him, but she tucked that away because he was unavailable. They worked together nights at a high-end restaurant in St. Augustine, FL, and became good friends. They could make each other laugh, and the banter helped slow nights go faster. They had long […]

50 Ways to Leave Your Lover—Some Better than Others

You are probably familiar with the iconic song by Paul Simon, 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover. As great as that song is…slipping out the back, Jack, is not one of the better ways to end a relationship. When the blinding light of knowledge hit Charlessa one morning, she knew it was time to end […]

Sex: What Time is the Right Time?

Sex. It’s awesome. They say it’s on our minds a LOT. In one way or another, whoever you are… you think about sex. And it’s only reasonable that when you are dating someone, or thinking about dating someone, you would be doing some extra wondering about sex. Mainly—when is the right time to “go all […]