January 21, 2019

Falling in the Fall—The Joys of Autumn Romance

There is a reason I do not live at the equator. As much as a balmy climate has its perks, I am a sucker for the changing of the seasons. There is something truly magical about fall. The air has a crisp tang to it. The sky seems bluer. The smell of changing leaves and […]

Physical Intimacy – Part 2 of a Great Relationship

Intimacy is one of those concepts that has almost as many definitions as there are people to have opinions about it. Some people think “feelings” when they think about intimacy, and they find it easy to achieve emotional intimacy with others. They are not afraid of feeling vulnerable or else they enjoy the rewards of […]

Emotional Intimacy – Part One of a Great Relationship

The key to any successful relationship is genuine attachment.  Obviously you have a different relationship with a housemate or friend than you do with your lover.  No matter how close a friend a housemate is, the attachment of a lover is bound to be deeper.  It is based on full understanding which leads to a […]