August 23, 2019

Too Many Yeses? It’s Time for No

Have you ever said yes but what you really wanted to say was no? How did that feel? Stuart’s ex called him weekly with one problem or another. The furnace was making a funny sound, the satellite TV stopped working, the window screens weren’t where they were supposed to be. He inevitably ended up back […]

Vulnerability and Authenticity—Partners in Your Inner Life

Max seemed so perfect. When he would first meet a woman, he gave the impression of a truly accomplished, confident man. He had a “perfect life” – great job, nice car and house. He played a perfect golf game and he was good looking and in excellent shape. Why couldn’t he hold onto a relationship […]

Who Are You? Connecting with Your Intrinsic Self (Part II)

The truth of who you are is inevitably beautiful, and living in alignment with that truth feels so good. There is no pretense required. You don’t have to psych yourself up to interact with this or that person, because you are simply you in every moment… and being you is effortless. It’s when we live […]

This Isn’t a Competition: How to Stop Keeping Score in Relationships

Mort was a scorekeeper. He kept track of the things, little and big, that he did for his wife, Andrea. He noticed if she did not notice when he did something wonderful, and he was painfully aware if she did or did not do something nice for him. He would adjust his actions towards her […]

What’s So Great about a Great Relationship?

Don’t we all want a great relationship? The partnership so “meant to be” that you can almost hear the “click.” The “she gets me, I get her” kind of relationship. The one with trust and comfort and loyalty, warm fuzzy feelings, mutual cheer-leading, sickness-and-health, devotion, presence—all of it. Maybe you have that now, or had […]