March 27, 2019

6 Great Reasons to Date An Outdoor Enthusiast

My friend Jill is a city girl through and through, born and raised in Chicago. But when she was a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon she fell in love with a nature buff who spent lots of time hiking, canoeing, cross country skiing. When they first met, Don lived in the boonies an hour from […]

Being in the Flow Part I

In Siddhartha, his novel about the Buddha, Herman Hesse wrote, “The river is everywhere.” It makes sense that it was beside a river that the Buddha achieved enlightenment. If the river is the flow of life, all the things we clutter up the banks of the river with serve only to keep us from that […]

Start with Loving You: New Year’s Love Intentions

When you are born, you learn to love yourself in the mirror of mother. She loves you, you love her. The love reflects, one to the other. For a brief time, you and she are as one. In other words, the love that flows back and forth so effortlessly is indistinguishable from self-love, simply because […]

Role Models by Default: Don’t Let the Past Repeat Itself

How much of your relationship success or failure in love is rooted in your role models growing up? Perhaps more than you realize. Considering that our parents are our biggest role models in relationships, it is easy to see why we would unconsciously mirror their behavior, healthy or unhealthy. Have you ever wondered why an […]