August 23, 2019

What’s So Great about a Great Relationship?

Don’t we all want a great relationship? The partnership so “meant to be” that you can almost hear the “click.” The “she gets me, I get her” kind of relationship. The one with trust and comfort and loyalty, warm fuzzy feelings, mutual cheer-leading, sickness-and-health, devotion, presence—all of it. Maybe you have that now, or had […]

The Value of Interdependent Relationships

Dependence.  Independence.  Co-dependence  Interdependence.  These are not buzz words – they are terms that clearly delineate ways of interacting with others. Dependence – A newborn baby is dependent.  All the power lies with its parents.  Dependence is a vulnerable, trusting state.  As adults, we can be, at times, dependent on others, but it is never […]

How a Painful Breakup Can Lead to Personal Growth

Don’t kid yourself.  Breaking up can be brutally difficult.  In many cases, it is akin to losing someone to death.  The loss is complete.  Ties severed.  Someone who once filled your life and heart is now gone. Don’t pretend “it’s okay” when it’s not.  Let yourself experience it, in whatever way is right for you. […]