May 26, 2019

Asking for What You Need – Why You Should and Why It’s Hard

We are born fully programmed to ask for, and receive, what we need.  A baby just minutes old will turn its head expectantly, assuming its biological need for sustenance will be met promptly.  If it isn’t, the baby cries, and mama puts the little wiggleworm to her breast.  Feedback loop complete.  Easy, right? Well, yes, […]

First Impressions

Have you ever read the first page of a book in a bookstore (if you still buy books that way, that is!) and decided not to buy it?  It might have been a really great book, but you didn’t want to take the chance and spend the time to read 50 pages.  It takes at […]

Live together or Marry? 21st Century Options

A mere 50 years ago (which isn’t that long, really) everything was very different.  There was still a huge stigma on couples who chose to live together “out of wedlock” as it was called, and parents whose children did so white-knuckled the social embarrassment until they could finally send out those wedding announcements.  Aside from […]

Ten Great Summer Dates

At a loss for what the heck to do this weekend on your big date?  Summer is your chance to mix things up a little.  In the dreary winter months it is not so easy to find a cool new idea for a date, whether with your main squeeze or someone you are getting to […]

7 Signs Your Relationship Has Reached Its Expiration Date

As unhappy as the topic is, figuring out if your relationship is just in a rough spot or if it’s time to say goodbye is better done now than later. Unlike the milk in your fridge, not all relationships have an expiration date. But if yours does, let me help you find out if it […]

Marketing You: How to Write a Great Dating Profile

Whether you love to write and do it all the time, or avoid it like it had germs all over it, writing about yourself is the hardest of all. But there is no avoiding the profile if you are going to try on-line dating. Let’s try to break the process down so it is not […]