June 16, 2019

5 Great Holiday Dates

The holidays are a great time to either reach out to someone you’ve been wanting to ask out, or to step things up with someone you really like. It’s true, people are busy at this time of year, and spending lots of time with family, but the jolly mood, the time off from work, the […]

Mix ‘n’ Match – Unconventional Halloween Costumes for Couples

This week’s highly entertaining blog is from guest blogger, Vanessa Park, a brilliant writer and editor with her own business, VKP Editing.  She has clients all over the country for whom she ghost writes, edits, and consults.  Vanessa also writes her own person blog, Spiralwoman.com.  Sit back and enjoy Vanessa’s witty suggestions for your Halloween […]

Ten Great Summer Dates

At a loss for what the heck to do this weekend on your big date?  Summer is your chance to mix things up a little.  In the dreary winter months it is not so easy to find a cool new idea for a date, whether with your main squeeze or someone you are getting to […]