February 20, 2019

Flirting: 9 Basic Guidelines for the Mature Single

As she walked out of her neighborhood coffee place, Melissa was surprised when she suddenly realized she’d been flirting! There was a nice man in line ahead of her and it just…happened. Later she told me about it, “It just happened!” She went on to confide, “The biggest shock was realizing how attractive he found […]

Who Makes the First Move?

Last week I served as an expert panelist for The Great Love Debate in Nashville, TN. A crowd of men and women filled the room with one thing on their minds: why are they still single? I was there to help them and answer questions, but as always in my job, I managed to learn […]

Have Yourself a Merry Single Christmas

Holiday time may scare you now that you’re single. The statistics about depression are pretty… well, depressing. But take stock of this golden opportunity of freedom. Then take charge of your holidays and decide that –not only are they not going to get you down, they are going to be great. Think about it. You […]

Get Your Flirt On

Flirting is as much a way of being as it is a way of doing. Three parts mindset; one part action. What’s lessons can we learn from a grade-A flirt? He or she is open and receptive, generous and giving, and a little vulnerable. And remember, it takes confidence to be vulnerable…. Flirting is all […]