August 23, 2019

Are you passively participating in your relationships?

Bill’s wife made it clear that he would have to change his longstanding plans to play tennis with his brother. Why? She had been invited to a brunch party at the last minute and it was “very important to her” and she’d meet some “key players in her field” who could help her career. He […]

Honor Your Courage

When we put ourselves, body and soul, into a relationship it is an investment in life, the future, our own happiness. When what seemed to be “the relationship” does not work out as we hoped, it takes guts to get out of it, and it takes guts to get out there and try again. ♥ […]

Are You Emotionally Available?

If the thought has crossed your mind that you may be emotionally unavailable, or that you seem to continuously attract people who are, let’s take a look at how you are showing up and at steps you can take to re-build your emotional availability…or your understanding of what that looks like in your partner. What […]

Knit Through It: Finding the Flow to Cope with a Break-up

  The break-up of a relationship takes a toll on you. Whether you are the breaker or the breakee, your life is suddenly turned upside down. You may be feeling lonely, anxious, even completely depressed. Fears surface, and it is sometimes difficult to soothe yourself. You try the Haagen Dazs cure, but that only works […]

Vulnerability and Authenticity—Partners in Your Inner Life

Max seemed so perfect. When he would first meet a woman, he gave the impression of a truly accomplished, confident man. He had a “perfect life” – great job, nice car and house. He played a perfect golf game and he was good looking and in excellent shape. Why couldn’t he hold onto a relationship […]

Ready, Set, Commitment?

You’ve probably heard the jokes. Commitment is a “bad word.” We are led to believe that these three syllables alone can cause an alarming spike in blood pressure or a fainting spell in certain people. Typically rather sexist in nature, these jokes portray men as commitment-phobic children who can’t settle down. Forget all that. Commitment […]