October 21, 2018

Asking for What You Need – Why You Should and Why It’s Hard

We are born fully programmed to ask for, and receive, what we need.  A baby just minutes old will turn its head expectantly, assuming its biological need for sustenance will be met promptly.  If it isn’t, the baby cries, and mama puts the little wiggleworm to her breast.  Feedback loop complete.  Easy, right? Well, yes, […]

Five Steps to Destroy Dating Fear

Fear is a terrible enemy.  Fear preys on your mind like a prayer in reverse – the more you dwell on it, the more you create a negative reality.  People react to fear by being fearful, and fearful people miss out on… a lot.  If your fears – of putting yourself out there, of being […]

The Readiness Factor—Is it Time to Start Dating Again?

No matter where you are on the dating continuum, it’s always a good idea to step back and take stock of your readiness. So, if you are already in the dating pool, or if you are thinking about dipping your toe back in, or if you are worried that you may never be ready to […]

Kicking the Faulty Expectation and Fear of Rejection to the Curb!

Rejection is a myth.  No-one can make you feel rejected without your permission. Your disappointment stems from your own beliefs about why you were rejected. But there may be no why – and even if there is, the why is not about you but about the other person. What you offer simply does not fit […]