December 14, 2018

Take a Deep Breath: How to Detect and Cope with Lies

Lying is believing or knowing one thing while intending to communicate another.  As painful as it is to be lied to, a certain amount of empathy is important when dealing with liars who typically are acting out of fear or low self-esteem. Often, fear and low self-image are also responsible for the very actions about […]

Going Offline to Get On Track

You have read an appealing profile on a dating site and you like the pictures. There was enough promise that you sent a message. After some interesting banter, you’ve set a meeting at a convenient location. So far, all your communication with this person has been online. Face to face is going to be different. […]

8 Steps to Making the First Contact

We make contact with new people all the time – through friends, at work, at the gym – just about everywhere. But when it comes to dating, singles can find making the first contact very challenging. Here’s a scenario: You’re all dressed up, feeling confident and arriving at a social event. Your attention is caught […]

The Art of First Date Conversation

It’s time to meet. You met someone online, but now you want to take the next step. You have followed all the safety criteria: Agreed to meet in a neutral, public place that does not demand a lengthy time commitment (e.g. a coffee shop rather than a French restaurant) Told your family and friends where […]

Do You Speak Body Language?

Somewhere along the line, psychologists figured out that there was this thing they called “body language”—a non-verbal form of communication that your body knows all about, and that you probably don’t. You “speak” body language all the time without thinking about it, knowing it or having any idea of what the heck you are saying […]