August 23, 2019

Asking for What You Need – Why You Should and Why It’s Hard

We are born fully programmed to ask for, and receive, what we need.  A baby just minutes old will turn its head expectantly, assuming its biological need for sustenance will be met promptly.  If it isn’t, the baby cries, and mama puts the little wiggleworm to her breast.  Feedback loop complete.  Easy, right? Well, yes, […]

The Value of Interdependent Relationships

Dependence.  Independence.  Co-dependence  Interdependence.  These are not buzz words – they are terms that clearly delineate ways of interacting with others. Dependence – A newborn baby is dependent.  All the power lies with its parents.  Dependence is a vulnerable, trusting state.  As adults, we can be, at times, dependent on others, but it is never […]

Thanks, but No Thanks: A Vital Life Skill

Some people find it easy to say no.  You know those people?  Maybe you are one of those people.  But if you are one of the millions of others – those who struggle mightily with that simple word – you may be both envious and awestruck by those who can just say no.  For so […]

Are You Dating a Selfish Person?

Feeling a little invisible in your relationship?  Wondering why your date’s version of give and take has a lot more take than give (which leaves you making up the difference)?  Maybe you need to assess how you show up in your relationship, and whether you are looking out for yourself enough.  On the other hand, […]

Can long distance relationships last?

Long-distance relationships have been around for a long time.  At one time in history separation by ten miles would constitute a long-distance relationship and contact would be done via handwritten letters.  Much of the courtship between poets Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Robert Browning was conducted via love letters, which are wonderful to read!  They fell […]

Five Steps to Destroy Dating Fear

Fear is a terrible enemy.  Fear preys on your mind like a prayer in reverse – the more you dwell on it, the more you create a negative reality.  People react to fear by being fearful, and fearful people miss out on… a lot.  If your fears – of putting yourself out there, of being […]

Lovers to Friends? Should You Stay Friends after a Break-up?

“Let’s just be friends.”  Four words dreaded by anyone who’s been in a fading or unequal relationship with what turns out to be a short shelf life.  The comedic English singing duo, Rocky and Balls, sing about it quite hilariously in this video. Though the whole topic is superb fodder for a strange variety of […]

The ABCs of Your Dating Code

Why do you need to know your dating code?  A code is an internal radar system that helps you navigate the dating waters so you can find a meaningful relationship.  You need to know what to look for, and what to look out for.  Your code, quite simply, helps you get what you want and […]

Dating Advice: How to Avoid the Trap of the Emotionally Unavailable

Have you ever been involved with someone who didn’t seem to be there? A client of mine became involved with a man she could not seem to pin down. He was like a mirage – she could see him, even hear him, but when she would reach out to touch him and grab hold of […]

The Readiness Factor—Is it Time to Start Dating Again?

No matter where you are on the dating continuum, it’s always a good idea to step back and take stock of your readiness. So, if you are already in the dating pool, or if you are thinking about dipping your toe back in, or if you are worried that you may never be ready to […]