May 23, 2019

Self-Acceptance: Step One on the Path to Empowerment and Love

Marvin’s relationships never lasted. Even if they did, they were a series of unacceptable compromises and fraught with dissatisfaction. He could not, he said, find real love, the kind that transported a person and created a cocoon of unconditional acceptance. Upon further questioning, it became clear to me that Marvin was actually afraid of that […]

Who Are You? Connecting with Your Intrinsic Self (Part II)

The truth of who you are is inevitably beautiful, and living in alignment with that truth feels so good. There is no pretense required. You don’t have to psych yourself up to interact with this or that person, because you are simply you in every moment… and being you is effortless. It’s when we live […]

The Art of First Date Conversation

It’s time to meet. You met someone online, but now you want to take the next step. You have followed all the safety criteria: Agreed to meet in a neutral, public place that does not demand a lengthy time commitment (e.g. a coffee shop rather than a French restaurant) Told your family and friends where […]