May 23, 2019

Too Good to be True: Some Facts about Narcissistic Personality Disorder

You may be hearing the word “narcissist” more and more these days. When words seem to burst onto the scene you may be worried that it’s just “buzz”—the latest fad, catch-word or culturally “chic” concept. But in fact, there is some serious speculation that narcissism is, in fact, on the rise. While that might be […]

Question: Why can’t I just walk away like I have in other relationships?

  I have been in a relationship for six years. No matter how many times he lies and leaves me for other women I continue to see him and always take him back. We are great when we are together but even though I know he will cheat again, I still want him. So I […]

What Now? How to Process Being Cheated On

The period after all the wondering, the realizations, the “conversation” is just as important as all the angsty mess that led up to it. In fact it is even more important. What happens next is all about your being okay. And maybe healing your relationship. This blog is the final installment in the four part […]

Cheaters—Who Are They & Why They Do It

Who? Stereotype #1— the powerful Don Draper sex god having his way with every woman he fleetingly desires, from roundheeled underlings wanting a promotion (or to secure their jobs) to smart women who are his equals except… not really. Does he want to give up his marriage to a wife who does everything for him? […]

Is Your Partner Cheating? 5 Ways You Can Tell

Norman knew his wife was not happy. They were in counseling, but he was worried that it was already too late. One day, a thought took root in his mind and he could not shake it: “She’s having an affair.” He started to look for specific proof but it was hard to pin down. But […]