September 22, 2019

Being Single—Own It/Love It

Single? You are most definitely not alone. Singletons now outnumber married people in all age brackets. Admittedly, the stats don’t take into account unmarried partnerships, but the fact remains—people no longer live in panic or feel like failures if they are thirty and unmarried. Or forty. Or fifty. Or sixty. Etc. You get the idea. […]

Why Hire a Dating Coach?

I sat on a panel of dating experts recently, and someone in the audience asked: “Why should I hire a dating coach? I’ve got tons of friends that help me out.” I explained that your friends, although well intentioned, are attached to your outcome. They know you well. What they tell you is often either […]

Being in the Flow Part II — How it Creates Relationship Flow

Last week I wrote about being in the flow. Think about the Buddha’s river that I mentioned in that blog. If being in the flow is allowing the current of that river to take us, then imagine if our loved ones were with us in that peaceful river? You and I cannot push our partners […]