August 23, 2019

Question: Can you advise me how to proceed on a third date with a girl that makes me butterfly nervous?

Dear Betty, I am at the very beginning of a new relationship and need advice. Here are the details: I’m 48 and she is 47. We both have kids – I have a son in college and she has two teenage sons. We used to work together and have known each other for five years. […]

Question: Should I try to get my girlfriend back?

Dear Betty,  My girlfriend Nelly broke up with me last week. She said it was because she knew that our relationship had an expiration date—we are both going to be going off to grad school in the next 18 months and had already talked about how we probably wouldn’t do long distance. I was still […]

Ask Betty—When You Need More than a Statistic and Want More than a Fact

We can get the answers to many questions within seconds nowadays thanks to the internet. We don’t even have to wait to get home and fire up our computer now that we all have computers—aka smart phones—in our pockets.  But there are some questions you cannot get from Yahoo Answers, Wikipedia, or “What’s for […]

5 Signs You are Dating a Rebounder

My client Jade met someone perfect online.  She could not believe her luck. Keith seemed custom designed to fit her dating needs and wants.  They exchanged a few emails, chatted on the phone, and since things continued to look oh-so-hopeful, they met face to face for a coffee date.  Bingo!  Chemistry?  Check.  Comfort and mutual […]