February 20, 2019

Inspired Action for Creating Love in Your Life

InspiredActionHappyAsianCoupleInspired action is taking steps toward a goal. When you are taking inspired action, it feels amazing. It’s exciting to be “in the flow,” and you are infused with positive energy. Inspiration is never heavy or burdensome. You will not feel plagued with “shoulds” or as if you are swamped by the obligation to take certain action. Da Vinci was not feeling overwhelmed when he painted The Last Supper—he was taking inspired action. He was in the flow of his true, genius self. When Marie Curie spent 20 hours in her lab every day being awesome, she wasn’t resentful or annoyed, she was in the zone, open to and channeling her inspiration.

When we take inspired action, we are in alignment with our authentic selves. We can use that principle of inspired action to manifest love in our lives.

What is the source of inspiration? Simple answer: YOU. It is your own vision, wisdom, and intuition that guides your inspired action.

So how do you tap in? 

*Time and space. As in—make sure you allow yourself the time and the space to listen to your own thoughts, understand yourself, align with the real you—not some created, artificial, societally-altered version of you. What do you want in your life? When you think about love, what do you see? What does that love look like? What does that love feel like? Don’t do this on the fly. Sit down in a comfy place and hang out for awhile, with yourself.

*Visit the core. Your core—where your essential core values reside, where you feel aligned with your own highest good. Living in that place where the fundamentals of you are clear and present is how to tap into your own inspiration.

*Feel your vision. When you see something arise in your mind, enter it fully and feel it completely. What are you doing, feeling, wanting in that vision? The more genuine it becomes to you in your thoughts, the more you can feel it in your body, the more likely it is to become real.

Taking inspired action:

Do it! Being inspired is not worth much if you don’t take action. Da Vinci did actually pick up his brush and paint a heck of a lot of pictures. Marie Curie went to work every day and in the end (among other things) discovered a substance that revolutionized medicine and industry. Not by idea alone, but due diligence….

Try something new.  Yup—get out of your comfort zone. What you’ve done in the past has not given you the result you want, right? What’s to lose? Not much. What’s to gain? Everything that’s delicious. If you are inspired to sing an aria from a Puccini opera over a loudspeaker at the local market… go for it. I mean for real. Make your mark!

Let go. Of control that is. You do not have to know every step before you take it. Inspiration has a lot to do with trust, and flinging yourself into the abyss of the unknown. Scary but oh so exciting too!

Trust yourself. You will make the right choices as you go. When a decision must be made, a next step taken, a path embarked upon, trust that you’ll know what to do. You inner knowing will guide you….

Be open to possibility. Get rid of black or white thinking. That means readjust expectations. I don’t mean to lower your standards. You deserve someone wonderful to love and who will love you. But for example, if you are waiting for the tall dark stranger or the shapely brunette, you may not notice the person of your dreams when he or she shows up in a different package. By being open you will focus more on how you feel in someone’s presence than on the superficial stuff. Being open to possibility also means that any plan you make needs to allow room for the variables of life. Just open your heart and mind and see what lightning bolts show up to dazzle you.

Don’t try to control the outcome. No one who discovers, invents, or creates something amazing can do so if he or she tries to control the outcome. The answers will come only if you do not try to control how or when they show up.

Only you know what you want and need in your life and only you can take the inspired action to make it happen. But no matter what…take that action. Visualize, yes. Affirm, yes. Then DO, DO, DO.

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Wishing you love,

Betty Russell, BCC
Board Certified Relationship Coach


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