February 20, 2019

Ask Betty—When You Need More than a Statistic and Want More than a Fact

We can get the answers to many questions within seconds nowadays thanks to the internet. We don’t even have to wait to get home and fire up our computer now that we all have computers—aka smart phones—in our pockets.  But there are some questions you cannot get from Yahoo Answers, Wikipedia, or Ask.com. “What’s for […]

How to Ditch Emotional Baggage Once and For All Part II

If you know, or suspect, that emotional baggage is weighing you down and keeping you from living fully, but somehow that suitcase full of nasty stuff keeps surfacing in your life, today’s blog will give you some guidelines about how to release it. For a recap of what emotional baggage is and how it goes […]

How to Ditch Emotional Baggage Once and For All Part I

If there were a lot of ugly, heavy stuff in a giant suitcase and it was useless to you in every way, would you schlep that suitcase everywhere you went? In the shower, to bed, through the mall, on your after-dinner walk? The answer: no. Not only would doing so be counter to your best […]

Can You Fit Your Big Relationship into a Tiny House?

There’s a tiny house craze sweeping the nation. Well, maybe not a craze, but the number of people opting to live in tiny houses is growing every year. So what makes a house officially tiny? Tiny means… really little. Like less-than-400-square-feet-little. And those tiny houses come on wheels! If you are one of the many […]

Being in the Flow Part II — How it Creates Relationship Flow

Last week I wrote about being in the flow. Think about the Buddha’s river that I mentioned in that blog. If being in the flow is allowing the current of that river to take us, then imagine if our loved ones were with us in that peaceful river? You and I cannot push our partners […]

Being in the Flow Part I

In Siddhartha, his novel about the Buddha, Herman Hesse wrote, “The river is everywhere.” It makes sense that it was beside a river that the Buddha achieved enlightenment. If the river is the flow of life, all the things we clutter up the banks of the river with serve only to keep us from that […]

Shifting out of Loneliness: The Nuance of Solitude (Part II)

Human beings are social creatures. Our need to belong is not just a factor of our socialization—it’s encoded in our DNA! As the 17th century poet John Donne wrote so profoundly: “No man is an island / entire of itself.” All of us fall on a continuum of how social we are, depending on how […]

Being Alone vs Being Lonely: The Nuance of Solitude (Part I)

Jennifer’s divorce hadn’t been final for more than a month when she called me up asking about matchmaking services. As we talked, I soon understood what was going on—a common story. She finally admitted:  “I’m lonely, I want someone to fill the void David left behind.” When I heard that I knew it was a […]

The Golden Rule of Self-Love—Do For Yourself as You’d Do for Your Pet

It shocks me that a quick Google search of “self-love” synonyms yields only negative results. Pomposity. Conceitedness. Vanity. Even narcissism. These terms actually mean the opposite of self-love and reflect an absence of true regard for self. It is a sad state of affairs when so many of us of the human persuasion lack the […]

Hello, did you hear me?—How to Be an Active Listener

Have you ever said these words to someone: “Did you hear a single word I said?” Or… has anyone said that to you? It isn’t always easy to be 100% present in every moment of our lives. We have so much pulling at us and most Americans pride themselves at being successful multi-taskers. But there […]