March 27, 2019

Ask Betty—When You Need More than a Statistic and Want More than a Fact

Ask-BettyWe can get the answers to many questions within seconds nowadays thanks to the internet. We don’t even have to wait to get home and fire up our computer now that we all have computers—aka smart phones—in our pockets. 

But there are some questions you cannot get from Yahoo Answers, Wikipedia, or “What’s for dinner?” is an example. The kind of question you still need a human being for.

And what about the questions that require more than mere information? Some questions (about relationships, for instance) can only be answered by someone with experience, training, insight, compassion—or all of the above. And great as the internet is, it does not have that stuff.

But I do!

?  When you wake up in the morning full of doubt or worry about your relationship—or lack of one….
?  When you see something in line at the post office that throws all your preconceived ideas about love into question….
?  When that niggling confusion about what you are really feeling about your new guy or gal keeps you up at night….

Send your question to me. On my website, on the right hand side of the landing page, you’ll see my “ASK BETTY” link. Once a week, I choose one of the questions that are sent to me and I post it—with my answer—on my website and send it out to all my email contacts.

♥  I can help you sort out what’s going on with your relationship—or lack of one.
♥  I can help you figure out what your deal breakers are when it comes to love and commitment.
♥  I can help you clarify how you are feeling about that new person—love or infatuation?
♥  And so much more—anything you can think of to ask about what is on your mind!

Tell your friends! Send me your toughest or most embarrassing relationship and dating questions—you can remain anonymous! I’m ready!


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